Tomato Dark Galaxy

Large cherry open pollinated tomato on indeterminate plants.


A large cherry tomato with blue/black skin colouration with yellow speckles. The flesh is red. We grew this for the first time in 2017, from seeds from a seed swap and, whilst its flavour was nothing out of the ordinary, we were pleasantly surprised at the number of fruit and the size of the plants which we had to stop as they reached the top of the greenhouse. The cultivar was developed by Brad Gates at Wild Boar Farms in California and only recently released (2014),  so there’s a possibility that it may not run true but we will keep seed and grow it in further years for its unusual colouration.

(The state of the plants in the photograph is typical of our plants late in the season, we assume its some form of wilt).

Quick Facts

  • Fruit Type: Cherry
  • Fruit Shape: Round
  • Fruit Size: Large Cherry
  • Fruit Colour: Red/ Blue Speckled
  • Flesh Colour: Red
  • Plant Type: Indeterminate
  • Leaf Type: Regular
  • Seed Type: Open Pollinated
  • Ripe Days: Mid/Late
  • Taste: Good
  • Our Source: Seed Swap 2016
  • Origin: USA – Brad Gates
  • Alternatives: None
  • Fruit per Truss: 6-10
  • Truss Spacing: 15 inches

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Unfortunately we don’t know of a UK Source for these seeds. If you do, let us know.

Updated: 08/01/2024