What Tomatoes to Grow in 2018?

I’m a member of an internet tomato seed swap. The simple idea is that a number of you collect your own seed, bag them up and send them to somebody who (very kindly) gathers them al up and sends them back out to all the members. Thus, for a bit of effort, you get a range of new varieties to try the following year.

The seeds arrived the other day and I’ve been looking through them. As has always happened so far, I am amazed by the number of different varieties that people grow. I sent off three varieties that I’ve been growing for a while and received back 26 packs of seed, 22 of which are new varieties to me. As ever it leaves me with a problem. I have space for about 30 different indeterminate plants and six to ten determinate varieties. Unlike last year when I received about an equal mix of determinate and indeterminate varieties, most of the tomatoes in the collection this year are indeterminate. So I have to decide, out of the (now 140+) varieties in my seedbank, which am I going to grow so that I end up with a mix of colours and types.

Decisions…. Decisions