2022 – Deciding which Tomatoes to Grow

At this time of year, I always have a problem deciding which tomato cultivars to grow. When I first started growing tomatoes and recording what I’d grown (a long time ago now it seems), I had plenty of space and an allotment so I grew lots of plants of lots of different cultivars (my record was 70 different cultivars). Now I’m down to a single 8ftx6ft greenhouse and some pots outside.

I’ve still got lots of seeds (I keep a few seeds from all the cultivars I grow) and my difficulty is therefore making the decision of which to grow. I can squeeze about 20 plants into the greenhouse (I know, that’s really too tight) and I’ve got space outside for more or less as many as I want but growing Indeterminate plants outside needs complex support which is easier in the greenhouse so I grow Determinate plants outside.

September 2021 – Greenhouse, still to come

I like to grow a mixture of Cherry, Standard & Beefsteak tomatoes and a mix of colours Red, Black/Brown, Yellow/Orange, (and sometimes Green). On top of that, I’ve got cultivars I like to grow each year (they’re my favourites) and I like to grow something new, preferably to compare with something else I’m growing so that there’s a direct comparison. So, here’s the start of the list for 2022:


Oleron Yellow
Brown Berry
Red Berry,
Gardener’s Del.
Orange Berry
Green Grapes


Amber Coloured
Black Plum
Bloody Butcher,
Red Zebra


Marizol Gold
Black Krim
Pink Brandywine,
Mortgage Lifter
Summer Cider
Aunt Ruby’s German Green

Then the new ones:
Divinty (Red Standard); Indigo Cherry Drops

Finally the Determinate ones:
ACE 55 (Red Beefsteak); Balconi Red; Kibits Ukranian; Koralik Red Cherry; Sandpoint

Obviously the list is open to change, particularly in trying to work out which new ones to grow but its a start.