2022 – Deciding which Tomatoes to Grow

At this time of year, I always have a problem deciding which tomato cultivars to grow. When I first started growing tomatoes and recording what I’d grown (a long time ago now it seems), I had plenty of space and an allotment so I grew lots of plants of lots of different cultivars (my record…… Continue reading 2022 – Deciding which Tomatoes to Grow

Tomato Roughwood Golden Plum

An Orange Plum tomato on Semi Determinate Plants Description From the 2019 Seed Swap, another of those grown for the first time in 2021.. Its described as a Orange Plum tomato with two inch fruits with few seeds which is good for cooking and sauces. It is said to be a cross between Yellow Brandywine…… Continue reading Tomato Roughwood Golden Plum

2018 – Mid September Update

Greenhouse 1 Greenhouse 2 So, here we are in the middle of September, the days are beginning to get shorter and (this year at least) the tomatoes are starting to slow down. So far may greenhouses have produced about 26kg of tomatoes, a mixture of all sorts and colours and I’ve been reasonably pleased. Many…… Continue reading 2018 – Mid September Update

2018 Update

Simple announcement, I’ve now updated the list of tomato cultivars to include those I’ve grown in 2018. That brings to 161 the number listed. 2018 has been a somewhat peculiar year, the tomatoes are early because of the weather. Which is probably a good job because I didn’t do much in the way of thinning…… Continue reading 2018 Update

Tomato Carotina/La Carotina

Large Orange tomato on Indeterminate vines. Description Grown for the first time in 2018 with seeds from a seed swap, we were interested to see how this grew. An excellent large orange tomato with a superb rich citrusy flavour. According to the web, its one of the parent of Caro Orange (a cultivar we haven’t…… Continue reading Tomato Carotina/La Carotina

Tomato Orange Banana

Orange Plum shaped paste tomato. Description Grown for the first time in 2018 with seeds from a seed swap, we were interested to see how this grew. First of all for some reason, I managed to get them mixed up with the Jaune Flamme tomatoes but, as they were distinctive, managed to sort them out.…… Continue reading Tomato Orange Banana

Tomato Jaune Flamme

Bright Orange small/standard tomato on Indeterminate plants. Description Jaune Flamme (or Flamme) is named for its bright colouration (orange flame). Grown for the first time in 2018 with seeds from a seed swap, we were interested to see how this grew. It did well (once I’d sorted it out as I’d mixed it up with…… Continue reading Tomato Jaune Flamme

Tomato Sungold

Orange cherry F1 hybrid tomato on indeterminate plants. Sungold Sungold Description  We only grew this in 2013, after which we decided that we would only grow F1 hybrids if there was a specific reason. However, Sungold is an outstanding orange cherry tomato. The regular leafed indeterminate plant grows large numbers of 1/2 oz fruit whose…… Continue reading Tomato Sungold

Tomato Sungella

Orange small/medium sized round cherry open pollinated tomato on indeterminate plants. Description Sungella is a golfball sized orange tomato. Created by a cross between Sungold and an orange skinned heirloom, this regular leafed indeterminate plant has a large yield of tomato fruits on long trusses. The tomatoes are delicious with a sweet and juicy flavour.…… Continue reading Tomato Sungella

Tomato Summer Cider

Orange beefsteak open pollinated tomato on potato leafed indeterminate plants. Description  Summer Cider is a creamy textured juicy tomato with a delicate citrus flavour. A late ripening, indeterminate, potato-leafed beefsteak tomato with apricot coloured, flattened fruits of 4-18 oz. (Every year we have fruit of between 200 and 600 grams). Slightly blander flavour than Pink…… Continue reading Tomato Summer Cider