2022 – Deciding which Tomatoes to Grow

At this time of year, I always have a problem deciding which tomato cultivars to grow. When I first started growing tomatoes and recording what I’d grown (a long time ago now it seems), I had plenty of space and an allotment so I grew lots of plants of lots of different cultivars (my record…… Continue reading 2022 – Deciding which Tomatoes to Grow

Tomato Black Mauri (Black Moor)

A black cherry tomato on indeterminate vines. Description Another cultivar from the 2019 seed swap that we grew for the first time in 2021. It sounded similar to brown berry or black cherry but the shape was very different and we ended up with something much more like Black Plum (although the colour was a…… Continue reading Tomato Black Mauri (Black Moor)

2018 Update

Simple announcement, I’ve now updated the list of tomato cultivars to include those I’ve grown in 2018. That brings to 161 the number listed. 2018 has been a somewhat peculiar year, the tomatoes are early because of the weather. Which is probably a good job because I didn’t do much in the way of thinning…… Continue reading 2018 Update

Tomato True Black Brandywine

Black beefsteak heritage tomato on potato leafed indeterminate plants. Description There’s a little debate about this cultivar. Said to originate from a breeder in the late 1920’s, it pre-dates Black Brandywine and is a potato leafed variety (Black Brandywine is a regular leafed cultivar) and therefore is (in some ways) more like the rest of…… Continue reading Tomato True Black Brandywine

Tomato Tim’s Black Ruffles

Large purple/black beefsteak open pollinated tomato on indeterminate plants. Description Tim’s Black Ruffles is a large purple/black beefsteak tomato, a cross between Black Krim and Zapotek Pink Pleated. The large indeterminate, regular leafed plants are moderate producers of the 8-10oz fruit which are full of the sweet, well-balanced flavours you would expect of a black…… Continue reading Tomato Tim’s Black Ruffles

Tomato Rosella

Dark brown cherry open pollinated tomato on strong indeterminate plants. Description Rosella is an extremely productive cherry tomato with brown/purple fruits. The fruit are smaller and browner than Black Cherry (but not as brown as Brown Berry) but the plant is extremely vigorous, producing large quantities of thin skinned, sweet tasting tomatoes which seem to…… Continue reading Tomato Rosella