Polytunnel now a Netted cover

So, the polytunnel cover was ripped apart by storm Ciara, flapping around and squashing my broadbeans in the process. My original plan was to re-cover and extend it but this proved to be impossible because of reasons beyond my control. So I had to make another decision.

Despite the rain and wind, I’ve managed to put up the framework leaving the ends as they were not damaged. As you can see, the present state is a simple net cover over three quarters of the original frame, turned through 90 degrees and left on the original bed. The net comes from a frame that I bought for the allotment a few years ago which didn’t really prove to be of much use (whilst relatively expensive, the framework wasn’t strong enough to stand up to the wind and I couldn’t stand up under the netting).

My plan is to use it like this for this year, I will possibly put some strawberry plants in the space hoping that its good enough to keep the squirrels away, but I will also plant french beans, lettuce and other things in there to see how they grow compared to being in the polytunnel.

The netting is hard to see but there

There are still a few bits and pieces to do, the slabs to the right need to be lowered so that I can open the door properly and the water butt on the greenhouse moved to give more space but basically its finished.