Sowing Tomatoes – 2022

I selected the tomato seeds I planned to sow this year and found that many of them are quite old. Nonetheless, I’ve given them a whirl and hope that they will germinate. I’ve sown 29 different varieties (30 pots because I’ve grown two different lots of my Oleron Yellow because I still seem to have have two slightly different sorts and it looks like I’m going to have to distinguish them). My plan this year will be to collect seeds from all the cultivars with a hope to refresh some of the seeds.

These are the seeds I have sown of which about half have so far germinated. They’re a mix of sizes and colours with most indeterminate but some determinate to go outside:

CultivarFruit Type: Fruit Size: Fruit Colour: Flesh Colour: Plant Type: 
Ace 55 VFBeefsteakLargeRedRedDeterminate
Ailsa CraigStandardUneven/MediumRedRedIndeterminate
Amber Coloured StandardMediumYellow/OrangeYellow/OrangeSemi-Determinate
Aunt Ruby’s German GreenBeefsteakSmall BeefsteakGreen/Red StripedGreenIndeterminate
Balconi RedCherrySmallRedRedDeterminate
Black Krim Beefsteak3-5 inchesMaroon/Dark BrownDark with green gelIndeterminate
Black PlumStandardMedium (2-3 oz)Black/BrownDarkIndeterminate
Bloody ButcherStandardVariableRedRedIndeterminate
Brown BerryCherrySmallMahogany BrownBrownIndeterminate
CarotinaStandard3-4 inchOrangeOrangeIndeterminate
Crimson BlushBeefsteakSmall BeefsteakRedRedIndeterminate
Darby Striped StandardMediumRed/Yellow StripedDeep RedIndeterminate
Divinity (F1)Standard50gRedRedSemi-Determinate
Gardener’s DelightCherry1 inchRedRedIndeterminate
Gigantomo (F1)BeefsteakLargeRedRedIndeterminate
Green GrapesCherry1 inchGreenGreenShort Indeterminate
Indigo Cherry DropsCherry30gRoseRedIndeterminate
Kibit’s Ukrainian Long Plum2-4 inchRedRedDeterminate
KoralikCherry1 inchRedRedDeterminate
Marizol GoldBeefsteak5-8 ozOrangeOrange/RedIndeterminate
Oleron Yellow (Dark)CherrySmall (1 inch)YellowYellowIndeterminate
Oleron Yellow (Light)CherrySmall (1 inch)YellowYellowIndeterminate
Orange BerryCherrySmall (0.5-0.75 inches)OrangeOrangeIndeterminate
Rainbow Cherry CherryVariousIndeterminate
Red BerryCherrySmallRedRedIndeterminate
Red ZebraStandard2-4 ozRed/Yellow StripedRedIndeterminate
SandpointSmall Standard1-2 ozRedRedDeterminate
Summer CiderBeefsteakLargeApricot/PeachOrangeIndeterminate

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