Tomatoes Germinating -2022

The tomatoes I sowed in the middle of March are (mainly) germinating and growing reasonably well. Of the 29 different cultivars, three have so far failed to show any sign of growth (which shows how old some of the seeds are so I’m unlikely to get Amber Coloured, Carotina, or Kibits Ukranian this year. I’ve put them somewhere warmer to see if they’ll germinate but my guess is that its too late.

However, the remaining cultivars all look good and will soon be large enough to be potted up individually. I’ve been taking them in and out to keep them out of the frosts but in the daylight and, when they’re moved into individual pots, the number of trips will increase.

If you look carefully, you’ll notice three pots with peppers in them. I’ve decided not to grow chilli peppers any more, so these are all sweet peppers, there’s no point in growing chillis when we don’t eat them and sweet peppers do quite well.