Spring Flowers – 4


Another little cluster of pictures as the garden continues to perk up. Despite the heavy rain and strong winds everything is brighter than it was lighter both earlier in the morning and later in the evening.

Spring Flowers – 2

Its amazing how quickly the flowers are popping their heads up now that the days are getting longer. Over the past few years we’ve tried splitting up the spring bulbs around the garden and we’ve bought naturalising crocus which are spresding themselves through the lawns (almost out of control). The real problem with that will…… Continue reading Spring Flowers – 2

More spring flowers

As spring approaches, more flowers are beginning to show, Aconites and the first of the crocuses. Yet more spring flowers We’ve still got lots of leaves to clear up but the weather isn’t perfect.

Starting the Year

Right, first day this year when the weather seems to have been good enough to think about being out in the garden. The ground seems to have been so soggy this year that walking around will do the grass harm and there’s no point in digging the ground as it will be in clods and…… Continue reading Starting the Year