First Tomato Harvest 2022

Today I decided that the tomatoes were starting to get ripe enough to warrant picking a few. As usual the cherry tomatoes are the first with Oleron Yellow, Red Berry, Garnet, Koralik Red Cherry & Indigo Cherry Drops making up the majority of fruit by number. However, the weight was mainly from standard red tomatoes…… Continue reading First Tomato Harvest 2022

Tomato – Gourmandia (F1)

Red Oxheart Beefsteak on H1 Hybrid Plants Description This F1 Hybrid Beefsteak tomato sounds very similar to Sunsets Red Horizon although (with a bit of luck) it sounds as though it might ripen a bit earlier in the season. The fruit are said to have few seeds and be meaty. The issue becomes whether they…… Continue reading Tomato – Gourmandia (F1)

Tomato – Gigantomo

A Large Red Beefsteak F1 Hybrid tomato on Indeterminate plants. Description This F1 Hybrid Beefsteak tomato is claimed to produce large fruit (up to 1kg), much larger than anything we’ve managed to grow (but nowhere near the record size) and yet be tasty. Other than its sheer size I’m not sure that anything in particular…… Continue reading Tomato – Gigantomo

Tomato – Big League (F1)

Red Beefsteak F1 Hybrid Tomato on Determinate plants. Description Another of the free seeds which might be tried in 2022. Large fruit (around 1 lb) on determinate plants makes this variety suitable for container growing, so we will grow it outdoors, rather than in the greenhouse. It looks as though it will need a lot…… Continue reading Tomato – Big League (F1)

Tomato – Crimson Blush

Crimson Blush

Red, Blight Resistant, Small Beefsteak F1 tomato on Indeterminate Plants Description One of the family of blight resistant tomatoes which include Crimson Crush. Our experience growing Crimson Crush at the allotment was that it wasn’t particularly resistant to blight. However growing them outdoors at home where we’re further away from sources of blight was that…… Continue reading Tomato – Crimson Blush

Tomato – Divinity

Compact Semi-Determinate F1 Hybrid tomato with Red Fruit. Description UK bred F1 Hybrid Semi-Determinate tomato, ideal for container growing with reasonable sized fruit. A relatively long harvest season (July to late October depending on the weather), it needs to be compared with cultivars such as Zefen Short and Sandpoint which sound very similar from the…… Continue reading Tomato – Divinity

Tomato – Sweet Million (F1)

Red Cherry fruits on Indeterminate F1 Hybrid Plants Description Red Cherry tomato similar to many of the Open Pollinated/Heritage varieties such as Red Berry, Christmas Grapes, etc.. We’ve been given a number of packets of seeds many of which are F1 Hybrid. We might have a go at comparing F1 hybrid varieties with equivalent non-hybrid…… Continue reading Tomato – Sweet Million (F1)