Recipe: Vegetable & Pearl Barley Stew

A quick to prepare tasty vegetable stew which can be modified by adding more vegetables as you like. Preparation is simple then it sits in the slow cooker until you’re ready for it. As usual things from our garden are inĀ italics. Ingredients (for 4) 200g of butternut squash and/or sweet potato diced; 10g dried mushrooms…… Continue reading Recipe: Vegetable & Pearl Barley Stew

Recipe: Pasta Free Lasagna

This recipe replaces the lasagna sheets with sliced courgettes and beef tomatoes. The meat sauce can be used in lots of other recipes. Its our development of what started life as a much more “chefy” recipe which involved lots of other stages. As ever, items in italics are from our garden. Ingredients (for 2) 2…… Continue reading Recipe: Pasta Free Lasagna

Recipe: Roast Vegetables & Salmon

I love tray bakes, they’re simple and (usually) just need you to put it all together and leave it alone. This recipe isn’t quite that simple but takes about 40 minutes from start to finish. Ingredients (for 2) 100g (or more) cherry tomatoes 1 large courgette 60g (or more) french beans 2 peppers ( 1…… Continue reading Recipe: Roast Vegetables & Salmon