Recipe: Fish Pie (with tomatoes & Vegetables)

A simple to make, tasty fish pie recipe which links to our tomato and vegetable growing theme. As always, our recipes seem to be more Vegetables with … as we add extra vegetables compared to the original source. Adding Creme Fraiche makes the pie moist without spoiling the flavour. Ingredients (for 2) 500g mashed potatoes1…… Continue reading Recipe: Fish Pie (with tomatoes & Vegetables)

Recipe: Salmon, Leeks & Tomatoes

This is a quick cooked tasty serving of salmon. As ever, items in italics are from our garden. Ingredients (for 2) 200g cherry tomatoes 2x skinless salmon fillets (140g each) 350g finely sliced leeks 1-2 tbsp olive oil 1xtbsp wholegrain mustard 1xtbsp honey juice of 1/2 lemon Vegetables & Carbohydrates to serve Method Put the…… Continue reading Recipe: Salmon, Leeks & Tomatoes

Recipe: Roast Vegetables & Salmon

I love tray bakes, they’re simple and (usually) just need you to put it all together and leave it alone. This recipe isn’t quite that simple but takes about 40 minutes from start to finish. Ingredients (for 2) 100g (or more) cherry tomatoes 1 large courgette 60g (or more) french beans 2 peppers ( 1…… Continue reading Recipe: Roast Vegetables & Salmon