End June 2020: The Tomato Journey so far

Surprisingly its now 106 days since I sowed most of my tomatoes. Fruit is now set on all but six of the thirty or so cultivars that I sowed but there’s no reason to suspect that the rest won’t set in the next few days. Based upon past experience, its still a couple of weeks…… Continue reading End June 2020: The Tomato Journey so far

Tomato Quedlinberger Fruhe Liebe

Variable sized red heritage tomato on compact indeterminate potato leafed plants. Description A very early compact indeterminate, potato leafed red tomato of variable size. Very similar in both appearance and taste to Bloody Butcher and Stupice (in fact so similar that I wonder if they are actually the same cultivar from different sources), it certainly…… Continue reading Tomato Quedlinberger Fruhe Liebe