Tomato Quedlinberger Fruhe Liebe

Variable sized red heritage tomato on compact indeterminate potato leafed plants.


A very early compact indeterminate, potato leafed red tomato of variable size. Very similar in both appearance and taste to Bloody Butcher and Stupice (in fact so similar that I wonder if they are actually the same cultivar from different sources), it certainly produces early fruit and goes on well through the season although the plant can look a little “weedy”.

We grow this in a cycle with Bloody Butcher and Stupice in order to get the earliest tomatoes in the season. We grew it again in 2017 and it was as productive as ever. 2020’s crop was not quite as good as usual but nonetheless a reasonable tomato.

Quick Facts

  • Fruit Type: Standard
  • Fruit Shape: Round
  • Fruit Size: Variable
  • Fruit Colour: Red
  • Flesh Colour: Red
  • Plant Type: Indeterminate
  • Seed Type: Heritage
  • Leaf Type: Potato
  • Time to Ripe: Early (55+ Days)
  • Taste: Excellent – because its early
  • Fruit per Truss: 6-12
  • Truss Spacing: 12-18 inches
  • Alternatives: Bloody Butcher, Stupice
  • Our Source: Heritage Harvested Seeds

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Updated: 08/01/2024