Tomato Pink Tiger (Artisan Pink Tiger)

A pointed, red and pink striped open pollinated tomato on indeterminate plants. Description We got this from the 2017 seed swap (possibly from the same source as Blush Tiger) and again it was a pleasant surprise (well, less of a surprise following Blush last year). I presume its part of the family of tomatoes bred…… Continue reading Tomato Pink Tiger (Artisan Pink Tiger)

Tomato Earliana

A large round red tomato on shortish indeterminate plants Description A compact indeterminate (about 3-4ft), regular leafed red standard sized tomato developed in about 1900 by George Sparks of Salem, New Jersey and released by Johnson and Stokes. It was developed as growers tried to bring the earliest tomato to market. We grew this for…… Continue reading Tomato Earliana

Tomato Bloody Butcher

A variable sized, red open pollinated tomato with potato leafed indeterminate plants. Description Bloody Butcher is a medium sized tomato with a rich, sweet heirloom taste. The indeterminate, potato-leafed plant produces uneven sized tomatoes (2-5oz) early in the season (this was the first tomato to crop in 2011 and 2012 and each year continued through…… Continue reading Tomato Bloody Butcher