Tomato Angelle

A red Cherry open pollinated tomato on Indeterminate plants Description From the 2018 Seed Swap saved from a supermarket purchase. Now, I don’t entirely agree with doing this, partly because commercial tomatoes are usually F1 hybrids (the commercial growers need consistency which heritage and open pollinated varieties don’t necessarily give) and I’ve also found that…… Continue reading Tomato Angelle

Tomato Giallo d’Iverno

A red Cherry open pollinated tomato on Indeterminate plants Description From the 2018 Seed Swap, we weren’t sure what this was going to be as we couldn’t find it described anywhere on the web (the nearest was Grappoli D’Inervo which is a grape shaped cultivar – it was in my database but without an associated…… Continue reading Tomato Giallo d’Iverno

Tomato Gardener’s Delight

Red Medium/Large cherry heritage tomato on indeterminate plants. Description Gardener’s Delight is a cherry tomato with a flavour that is one of the best balances of sweet/acid. An early/mid ripening, indeterminate, regular leafed tomato with high yields of bite sized tomatoes make this probably one of the most popular tomatoes for the amateur to grow,…… Continue reading Tomato Gardener’s Delight

Tomato Earliana

A large round red tomato on shortish indeterminate plants Description A compact indeterminate (about 3-4ft), regular leafed red standard sized tomato developed in about 1900 by George Sparks of Salem, New Jersey and released by Johnson and Stokes. It was developed as growers tried to bring the earliest tomato to market. We grew this for…… Continue reading Tomato Earliana

Tomato Cyril’s Choice

A red salad open pollinated tomato on very dwarf indeterminate/determinate plants. Description An English variety which was distributed through the Heritage Seed Library (although it seems to have disappeared from its list now), the stocky determinate plant has relatively small, regular sized deep red fruits and dark foliage. We grew this for the first time…… Continue reading Tomato Cyril’s Choice

Tomato Crimson Crush

A Blight Resistant red F1 hybrid tomato on Indeterminate plants. Description We have found that these were bred by Burpees Europe (and have a different name in the US – Cloudy Days). Following my diatribe against F1 Hybrid tomatoes in Country Taste you might be surprised to find another F1 Hybrid tomato in my list. Well…… Continue reading Tomato Crimson Crush

Tomato Country Taste

Round Red Beefsteak F1 Hybrid tomato on Indeterminate plants. Description This was a mistake. I don’t (in general) grow F1 hybrids (except for attempts to defeat blight). I picked this up in a garden centre and didn’t read the packet properly. My reason for not growing F1 hybrid tomatoes is because I have yet to…… Continue reading Tomato Country Taste

Tomato Christmas Grapes

A red Cherry open pollinated tomato on Indeterminate plants Description Christmas Grapes is a cherry tomato with an intense tomato flavour. An early/mid ripening, indeterminate, regular leafed plant, the scarlet, grape-like, sweet tasting tomatoes are up to 1 inch with closely packed trusses of 10-20 fruit yielding a steady stream of fruit through the season.…… Continue reading Tomato Christmas Grapes

Tomato Chiapis Wild Tom

A Pea sized red heritage tomato on a short indeterminate plant. Description Indeterminate very early small red cherry tomato, resistant to many diseases. Cold resistant and therefore continues to produce fruits late in the season. This tomato originates from Chiapas state in Southern Mexico. Like all indeterminate tomatoes it is theoretically a perennial but grown…… Continue reading Tomato Chiapis Wild Tom