Tomato White Queen

White beefsteak heritage tomato on indeterminate plants. Description White Queen is a “white” Beefsteak tomato. The Indeterminate regular leafed plant produces very sweet, very pale, beefsteak tomatoes of about 6-8ounces late in the season. It is very fragrant, smooth-skinned with slightly ribbed shoulders. It has a very sweet taste, one of the best white tomatoes.…… Continue reading Tomato White Queen

Tomato True Black Brandywine

Black beefsteak heritage tomato on potato leafed indeterminate plants. Description There’s a little debate about this cultivar. Said to originate from a breeder in the late 1920’s, it pre-dates Black Brandywine and is a potato leafed variety (Black Brandywine is a regular leafed cultivar) and therefore is (in some ways) more like the rest of…… Continue reading Tomato True Black Brandywine

Tomato Tim’s Black Ruffles

Large purple/black beefsteak open pollinated tomato on indeterminate plants. Description Tim’s Black Ruffles is a large purple/black beefsteak tomato, a cross between Black Krim and Zapotek Pink Pleated. The large indeterminate, regular leafed plants are moderate producers of the 8-10oz fruit which are full of the sweet, well-balanced flavours you would expect of a black…… Continue reading Tomato Tim’s Black Ruffles

Tomato Sunsets Red Horizon

A heart shaped beefsteak heritage tomato on indeterminate plants. Description  Sunset’s Red Horizon is a medium/large beefsteak tomato with a good taste. A native of Southern Russia (where they are known as “Rostvskaya Krasno Ispolin” – literally “Red Giant of Rostov”). The leafy indeterminate plant grew to 6ft tall in 2012 with only three trusses…… Continue reading Tomato Sunsets Red Horizon

Tomato Summer Cider

Orange beefsteak open pollinated tomato on potato leafed indeterminate plants. Description  Summer Cider is a creamy textured juicy tomato with a delicate citrus flavour. A late ripening, indeterminate, potato-leafed beefsteak tomato with apricot coloured, flattened fruits of 4-18 oz. (Every year we have fruit of between 200 and 600 grams). Slightly blander flavour than Pink…… Continue reading Tomato Summer Cider

Tomato Red Brandywine

Red Beefsteak heritage tomato on indeterminate plants. Description Red Brandywine is an excellent tasting and very productive beefsteak tomato. A mid-late ripening indeterminate, regular-leafed beefsteak with medium-large (4-14oz) red fruits. A heavy cropper (it needs to be staked), it is supposedly named after the Brandywine River in Pennsylvania where it was introduced around 1885. In…… Continue reading Tomato Red Brandywine

Tomato Pink Brandywine

Pink/red beefsteak heritage tomato on Indeterminate potato leafed plants. Description Pink Brandywine is a pink-fleshed beefsteak tomato described as having “great tomatoey flavour” and “beautifully sweet, offset by a wonderful acidity”.  A late-ripening indeterminate, potato-leafed beefsteak tomato, this is possibly our favourite tomato (competes with Summer Cider). The large blush-pink fruits are 4-12oz on a…… Continue reading Tomato Pink Brandywine

Tomato Orange Strawberry

Large oxheart orange open pollinated tomato on indeterminate plants. Description Orange Strawberry is well described by its name. Its Orange and shaped like a strawberry. An oxheart shaped fairly large tomato, we grew this in 2014 and got a small number of relatively large (8 ounce) tomatoes with a lot of flesh and not many…… Continue reading Tomato Orange Strawberry

Tomato Mortgage Lifter

A beefsteak heritage/open pollinated tomato with many different cultivars all of which are indeterminate. Description Mortgage Lifter is a very successful pink beefsteak tomato with a light flavour. A mid-ripening, indeterminate, regular-leafed, medium-large, red/pink tomato. The are at least 15 different cultivars all bearing the Mortgage Lifter title. (Mortgage Lifter, Mortgage Lifter Halladay’s, Mortgage Lifter…… Continue reading Tomato Mortgage Lifter