2020 Tomatoes Sown

After Tuesday’s indecision as to what to sow, today (despite the wind and rain) I spent some time in the greenhouse sowing my tomatoes which are now on top of the cupboards in the kitchen (a warm place). My final set was: Ailsa Craig, Bloody Butcher, Blue Ambrosia, Brad’s Atomic, Brown Berry, Crimson Crush (Cloudy…… Continue reading 2020 Tomatoes Sown

Tomato Crimson Crush

A Blight Resistant red F1 hybrid tomato on Indeterminate plants. Description We have found that these were bred by Burpees Europe (and have a different name in the US – Cloudy Days). Following my diatribe against F1 Hybrid tomatoes in Country Taste you might be surprised to find another F1 Hybrid tomato in my list. Well…… Continue reading Tomato Crimson Crush