2018 Update

Simple announcement, I’ve now updated the list of tomato cultivars to include those I’ve grown in 2018. That brings to 161 the number listed.

2018 has been a somewhat peculiar year, the tomatoes are early because of the weather. Which is probably a good job because I didn’t do much in the way of thinning out this year and so I have a mess of plants in the greenhouses. I’ve also grown a lot of cultivars that I didn’t know what they were going to be so its been fun finding out what they looked & tasted like. A few pleasant surprises.

Best taste: Moonglow, Artisan Pink Tiger, Darby Striped

Biggest: Moonglow, Carotina, True Black Brandywine, Mortgage Lifter

Disappointment: Peacevine (split on picking), White Zebra (lots of Blossom End Rot)

However, even they were good to eat.