Tomatoes – How many Trusses is the right number for Indeterminate Plants?

Amateur - August 2014

A truss of tomatoes is the bunch of fruit growing off the stem. Different cultivars have different sorts of trusses, some are long with up to 40 tomatoes on a truss, others are much shorter with only a few (sometimes as few as five or six) tomatoes. We grow tomatoes to get as many ripe…… Continue reading Tomatoes – How many Trusses is the right number for Indeterminate Plants?

Watering Tomatoes – How to get it Right

Correctly watering your tomatoes through their life can make a big difference to the overall crop. One thing to remember is the old adage “more plants are killed by overwatering than underwatering”. So, what is “overwatering” and how do you prevent yourself doing it? Watering Seeds & Seedlings If we start at the beginning, tomatoes…… Continue reading Watering Tomatoes – How to get it Right

Growing my Tomatoes in lockdown

I’m not sure if I grow tomatoes in the same way as other people. My desire (usually) is to grow as many different varieties as I can fit into the available space and, because of the weather in the UK, this usually means growing them in the polytunnel or greenhouse. This year however, I think…… Continue reading Growing my Tomatoes in lockdown

Tomatoes for 2019

Now is the time of year when I seriously start thinking about what cultivars I’m going to grow. I have limited space and, over time, I’ve reduced the number of different varieties and plants I grow from a maximum of 70 down to 35 last year. These are my criteria for choosing: What new cultivars…… Continue reading Tomatoes for 2019

2018 – Mid September Update

Greenhouse 1 Greenhouse 2 So, here we are in the middle of September, the days are beginning to get shorter and (this year at least) the tomatoes are starting to slow down. So far may greenhouses have produced about 26kg of tomatoes, a mixture of all sorts and colours and I’ve been reasonably pleased. Many…… Continue reading 2018 – Mid September Update

2018 Update

Simple announcement, I’ve now updated the list of tomato cultivars to include those I’ve grown in 2018. That brings to 161 the number listed. 2018 has been a somewhat peculiar year, the tomatoes are early because of the weather. Which is probably a good job because I didn’t do much in the way of thinning…… Continue reading 2018 Update