2019-Sowing Tomatoes

2019 Tomato Sowing Despite the weather, I’ve sorted out the tomatoes to grow in 2019. Its a 50/50 split between new varieties acquired from a seed swap and seeds I’ve saved from previous years. The full list is: Angelle, Aunt Ruby’s German Green, Balconi Red, Black and Brown Boar, Black Krim, Black Vernissage, Britain’s Breakfast,…… Continue reading 2019-Sowing Tomatoes

Tomato Minibel

Small red cherry open pollinated tomato on short determinate plants. Description Minibel is a early/mid, bite-sized, cherry tomato with a sweet flavour. The determinate (bush) plants grow to about 12 inches and do not require staking. Similar in size to Maskotka, like all bush cherry tomatoes it gets raided as people walk around the garden.…… Continue reading Tomato Minibel