2019-Sowing Tomatoes

2019 Tomato Sowing Despite the weather, I’ve sorted out the tomatoes to grow in 2019. Its a 50/50 split between new varieties acquired from a seed swap and seeds I’ve saved from previous years. The full list is: Angelle, Aunt Ruby’s German Green, Balconi Red, Black and Brown Boar, Black Krim, Black Vernissage, Britain’s Breakfast,…… Continue reading 2019-Sowing Tomatoes

Tomatoes for 2019

Now is the time of year when I seriously start thinking about what cultivars I’m going to grow. I have limited space and, over time, I’ve reduced the number of different varieties and plants I grow from a maximum of 70 down to 35 last year. These are my criteria for choosing: What new cultivars…… Continue reading Tomatoes for 2019

Tomato Sallisaw Cafe

Red, Cherry heritage tomato on indeterminate plants. Description From the 2018 Seed Swap and unsuccessfully grown in 2019. Looking on the web, it sounds similar to Red Berry or Christmas Grapes depending on the shape of the trusses of fruit so we’ll update this page as we find out what its actually like. Now, that…… Continue reading Tomato Sallisaw Cafe