2019-Sowing Tomatoes

2019 Tomato Sowing Despite the weather, I’ve sorted out the tomatoes to grow in 2019. Its a 50/50 split between new varieties acquired from a seed swap and seeds I’ve saved from previous years. The full list is: Angelle, Aunt Ruby’s German Green, Balconi Red, Black and Brown Boar, Black Krim, Black Vernissage, Britain’s Breakfast,…… Continue reading 2019-Sowing Tomatoes

Tomato Yellow Pigmy

Yellow cherry heritage tomato on compact determinate plants. Description Yellow Pigmy is a small yellow cherry tomato that grows on a small but sprawling determinate plant. Similar in some respects to Tumbling Tom Yellow. Its tasty and would be worth growing for the fact that it only takes up a limited space but the fruit…… Continue reading Tomato Yellow Pigmy