2019-Sowing Tomatoes

2019 Tomato Sowing

Despite the weather, I’ve sorted out the tomatoes to grow in 2019. Its a 50/50 split between new varieties acquired from a seed swap and seeds I’ve saved from previous years. The full list is:

Angelle, Aunt Ruby’s German Green, Balconi Red, Black and Brown Boar, Black Krim, Black Vernissage, Britain’s Breakfast, Cherokee Purple, Darby Striped, Gartenperle, German Red Strawberry, Giallo d’Inverno, Halms Gelbe, Homosa, Japanese Black Trifele, Jaune Flamme, Kenilworth/King George, Koralik Red Cherry, Livingston’s Favourite, Marizol Gold, Marvel Stripes, Maskotka, Micro Tom, Minibel, Mortgage Lifter, Moskowsi Ultra Skorospelyi, Nectar Rose, Pink Moineau, Polish Linguisa, Radio, Rapunzel, Raspberry Oxheart, Red Robin, Red Zebra, Sallisaw Cafe, Summer Cider, Sunset’s Red Horizon, Tiger, Tiny Tim, Violet Jasper, Yellow Pigmy.

Follow the links and there are descriptions of them (where I’ve grown them before) and the various pages will get updated as the year progresses.

As ever, my plan is to grow those that I know I like, try others and refresh the seed store. The last is the most difficult thing to do, there’s little point in growing a cultivar which I’ve grown before and didn’t like but seeds have a finite lifetime so if I don’t grow them, I won’t be able to grow them again in the future (and I’ve only got limited space altogether). Anyway, that adds to the fun.