Tomatoes for 2019

Now is the time of year when I seriously start thinking about what cultivars I’m going to grow. I have limited space and, over time, I’ve reduced the number of different varieties and plants I grow from a maximum of 70 down to 35 last year.

These are my criteria for choosing:

  • What new cultivars have I acquired during the year (mainly from a seed swap);
  • Which cultivars do I really like;
  • Which cultivars that I like haven’t I grown for a few years (so my seeds are need to be refreshed);
  • Getting a mix of colours and sizes.

Having done all that, my selection for 2019 will probably be:

Which, if you follow the links, you’ll see are mainly new cultivars with a few favourites thrown in.

So, which cultivars are you thinking of growing?

See our full list here